Tunnel Washers (Marr-Line)

Tunnel Washers (Marr-Line)

Conveyorised Tunnel Washers

The Guyson Marr-Line range of conveyorised tunnel washers can provide a tailored solution for most washing, rinsing, drying and coating applications. The superb flexibility of the modular build concept allows each system to be configured precisely to suit your specific needs.

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From a basic 2-stage wash and dry specification to a multi-stage system incorporating four or more separate stages, there is a configuration to suit every requirement. Standard conveyor widths are between 200 and 600 mm, with a normal tunnel height of 200 mm. Other widths and heights can be accommodated to suit different component sizes and production volumes.

Guyson Marr-Line Wash ChamberThe Guyson Marr-Line conveyorised tunnel washer provides the very latest in aqueous parts cleaning, rinsing and drying technologies, and with the superb flexibility of the build concept enables customisation of the machine configuration to meet our customers' application requirements with respect to:

  • Parts handling
  • Washing
  • Rinsing
  • Filtration
  • Air-knife removal of excess fluid
  • Drying
  • Coating option

Tote Bin Washing

Numerous Marr-Line conveyorised wash and dry systems have been purchased for washing reusable tote bins and trays. These can thoroughly cleaned and dried, getting rid of production stains, oils, contaminants, and odours. This leads to improvements in quality assurance; protection of components and all importantly minimises cross contamination from one usage of the tote bin to the next.

Prospective users of Guyson aqueous cleaning systems are encouraged to submit sample components for free feasibility testing in the company’s extensive development workshop at Skipton, England. Contact Guyson now - see contact details at the bottom of this page.

Got a cleaning problem and want to talk it through with someone?

Call Guyson now on 01756 799911 and one of our experienced sales engineers will come out and talk through your problem, take away samples, process them for free and get back to you with a recommended course of action. Call Guyson now on 01756 799911 or email info@guyson.co.uk

Marr-Line Model200300400500600
Component entry and exit (W x H) 200 x 200 mm300 x 200 mm400 x 200 mm500 x 200 mm600 x 200 mm
Tank capacity (litres) 125125125220220
Pump capacity (litres/min)707070100100
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