Formula 1600

Formula 1600

The largest of the Guyson 'Formula' blast cabinets, ideal for light industrial applications such as garages and workshops or when blasting is required on an intermittent basis.

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Bearing the Guyson brand name guarantees the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and quality. Guyson's success, for over 80 years now, has been founded on quality equipment. The Formula 1600 Model with a foot operated blast gun are ideal for small workshops, garages and maintenance departments. The strong, durable, high quality sheet metal construction ensures the cabinet is tough enough for a variety of components for regular use.

All cabinets have sealed gauntlet gloves, a protected toughened glass viewing window and a quick release media changeover facility.

UPDATE: The Guyson Formula range has just been uprated. The new 2019 versions introduce a new safety door, airwash line and gun, LED lighting with switch and convenient UK and European single-phase plug design.

Internal blast chamber dimensions (W x D x H) mm1070 x 760 x 770
Overall machine dimensions (W x D x H) mm1072 x 762 x 1690
Blast Gun - Type 400Foot Operated
Dust CollectorF21/ F41
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