Ultrasonic Cleaners - Baths and Tanks

Guyson International provide full manufacturing, sales, support and service for our comprehensive range of 'Kerry' branded ultrasonic cleaning equipment. These units, from the smallest bath to the largest automated multi-tank system, provide highly effective precision cleaning of components in industries as diverse as medical, aerospace, electronics, automotive, glass and optics, defence, and rubber and plastics. Kerry ultrasonic cleaning equipment includes both aqueous and solvent systems for precision cleaning and degreasing.

  • Guyson's KC and MKC ultrasonic baths provide safe, fast and effective cleaning in a fraction of the time required by hand cleaning.
  • Guyson's KS and UCR ultrasonic cleaning tanks are robustly constructed using AISI 316L polished stainless steel for durability.
  • Guyson’s CRD 450 is a 3-stage system providing ultrasonic cleaning with heating, immersion rinse weiring to drain, a hand held spray for second rinse (DI optional), and hot air dry.
  • Guyson's KST Submersible Transducers offer flexible ultrasonic cleaning being able to be retrofitted to customers own existing tanks or incorporated into new machines on an OEM basis.
  • Kerry Pulsatron ultrasonic generators and Primewave controller ensure powerful parts cleaning and long equipment life.

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