Kerry Ultrasonic Cleaners

Guyson's range of 'Kerry' branded ultrasonic cleaners provide safe, fast and effective ultrasonic cleaning in a fraction of the time required by hand cleaning. Lightly soiled items such as jewellery may take only seconds; medium soil is normally removed in two minutes or so.

Kerry Ultrasonic BathsThe smaller KC ultrasonic baths, with an approximate capacity of 2 or 3 litres, are easy to use, with a single on/off switch for the ultrasonics. Operating instructions are printed on the bath’s front panel. Kerry KC & MKC ultrasonic baths carry a 2 Years Warranty.

The larger microprocessor controlled MKC ultrasonic baths are available in capacities of 6, 14 and 22 litres (approx), allow the user to pre-set exact cleaning times (up to 99.9 mins) and temperatures (from 20 to 80°C), thus ensuring the same high level of cleanliness every time. All the KC & MKC tanks are made from stainless steel.

Typical cleaning applications for the Kerry range of range of ultrasonic cleaners

  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Precision cleaning on jewellery, clock and watch parts
  • Optical lenses and frames
  • Dental and surgical instruments
  • Tattoo guns
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Smaller manufactured parts
  • Laboratory cleaning in science labs, schools and colleges
  • Removal of supports on 3D printed prototypes
  • Removal of polishing compounds

Prospective users of Guyson's ultrasonic cleaners are encouraged to submit sample components for free feasibility testing in the company’s extensive Component Finishing Centre at Skipton, England.

Got a cleaning problem and want to talk it through with someone?

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