Open for Business - Guyson International Ltd

In line with Government advice and instructions we have made several changes to our business.

This company statement is to update you on our efforts to ensure you do not encounter any supply issues from ourselves. The updated points are as follows:

  • We are operational and open for business.
  • All staff that can work from home are now working from home and this should not have any impact on our service, with in-coming phone lines working as normal.
  • For any Blast & Wash Division enquiries and orders, please contact:
  • For any Hose & Couplings Division enquiries and orders, please contact:
  • Normal production is still happening but many production staff have been diverted to producing critical cleaning equipment for the VentilatorChallengeUK Consortium and some are working longer shifts, weekends and holiday periods to deliver this vital equipment. All staff are social distancing and hand sanitiser is installed at all the entrances to all our offices and works. Key staff that need to travel have been issued with a company letter explaining the need for their journey.
  • Stocks have been increased to mitigate any interruptions in supply.
  • Our sales team is available to discuss any current requirements you may have.

During these unprecedented times we will endeavour to deliver the product and service levels that our customers expect and we will continue to keep you updated as we monitor Governmental advice, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

We send you our best wishes at this difficult time.

Yours faithfully

Mark Viner - Managing Director
Blast & Wash Division
Guyson International Ltd

Steve Schofield - Executive Director
Hose & Couplings Division
Guyson International Ltd

01/04/20 - updated 14/04/20

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