Guyson Blast Media

Guyson stock over 60 different blast abrasives, from best sellers such as Honite (glass beads) and Saftigrit (brown and white alumina (aluminium oxide)) to fused zirconia.

We can process sample components for you, so that you can select from a variety of finishes the one you prefer and you are very welcome to come to the Guyson Component Finishing Centre in Skipton, where we hold supplies of media of all types.

Blast Media Guide

Guyson Blast Media GuideThis handy four-page guide covers materials used as abrasives, how media type affects finish, how to select the right media, and what everyone needs to know about 'sand blasting'. The Blast Media Guide is essential reading if you specify blast media supplies or are new to blast finishing and want to know more.

Download the Blast Media Guide, or call us on +44 (0) 1756 799911 for further information about Guyson blast media.

Top Ten Tips About Blast Media

Top Ten Tips About Blast Media

Ten quick and easy tips from Guyson to make blast finishing more effective for you. Check out our top tips on how to speed up your blast finishing process, achieve the best possible results, make energy savings, reduce the cost of maintaining your blast equipment etc.

Download the Guyson Top Ten Blast Media Tips here.