Stainless steel hoses

Stainless steel hoses

  • Excellent corrosion resistance - stainless steel hose construction throughout
  • High strength and safety - all-welded assembly
  • Wide pressure range - from full vacuum up to 220 bar
  • Excellent flexibility - corrugated tube allows tight, kink-free bends
  • Wide temperature range - between -200°C and +600°C
  • Fire and damage resistance - tough, all-metal construction
  • Long service life - without the ageing deterioration of non-metal hoses
  • Excellent steam resistance - longer life than non-metal hoses
  • Sizes - from 1/4" up to 4" nb. Larger sizes are available on request
  • Wide range of end fittings - BSP, NPT, flanges, hygienic type, specials, etc.
  • Applications include: cooling water, steam, oil, hot oil, various gases and vacuum etc. For specific applications and working conditions, please consult Guyson Technical Sales Department.

Most of our Kaptech flexible hose assemblies can be supplied complete with easy to use quick-release couplings: see our Hansen couplings range for details.

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Product Details


The Kaptech Stainless Steel flexible hose assemblies listed are manufactured from annularly corrugated tube formed from butt-welded rigid tube, to BS6501 Part 1 type B flexibility; they also meet ISO 10380 class 1. Assemblies to type C flexibility are also freely available.

Single or double layers of wire braid are applied externally to the hose and welded to the fittings at each end to give pressure
holding capability and protection from abrasion. The extent of braiding, gauge and angle of lay is carefully calculated for optimum performance.

The stainless corrugated tube is available in 321 and 316 grade, with braid in 304 or 316; other materials such asbronze, Monel, etc., are also readily available.

End Fittings:

Because Kaptech hose assemblies are individually made in our works they can have end fittings selected to suit customers' application requirements from a wide range of standard and special configurations, including male & female BSP and NPT threads, fixed & swivel flanges to various specifications, hygienic fittings, tube ends, weld ends, quick-release couplings, etc.

Design & Installation: Kaptech Stainless Steel flexibles should be configured and installed in such a way that the minimum bend radius is not exceeded, the hose is not stretched, compressed nor twisted, and the external braid is not subject to wear nor damage.

The use of elbow ends can often help in achieving a satisfactory installation.

Optional Additional Features

Internal Liners - to protect tube against abrasion or high flow velocities.
External Casing - for protection against undue risk of overbending and external damage.
Rubber and Plastic Covers - to give anti-scuff and environmental protection, comfortable handling, and a wipe-clean surface.
External insulation - to maintain fluid temperature and protect operator.
Duplex Assemblies - hose-within-a-hose for heat tracing or cooling.