Ceramic Blast Media

Useful for finishing and peening applications where long bead life is important.

For prices or to order supplies - or if you have not found the blast media you need in the information above - please call our Customer Services team on 01756 799911, Freephone (UK only) 0800 328 5999, or fax 01756 790213. For next day delivery please order before 3.00 pm for 1-9 bags, or before 10.00 am for larger quantities.

Health and Safety

All Guyson blast media is non toxic and contains no free silica (with the exception of Turbonox). Specific COSHH health and safety data sheets are available for all products.

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    Zirblast and Zirshot

    Guyson Zirblast and Zirshot are high quality fused ceramic beads manufactured from crystalline zirconia bonded with amorphous silica. Both products have a very slow breakdown rate and as such are ideal for impact finishing operations involving automated machinery, where consistency of finish is important. Additionally, dust levels generated are considerably lower than with the equivalent glass bead.

    Whilst both products are chemically identical, quality checks to roundness, surface defects etc allows Zirshot to be certified to the demanding standards of aerospace shot peening applications. Zirblast is designed for all other impact finishing applications and is available at a more economic price.

    Zirshot can be supplied with certification to most aerospace standards should these be required.


    Being chemically inert and iron-free products, these beads can be used for a wide variety of applications such as cleaning without dimensional change, shot peening, stress relieving, deburring, scale removal etc