Post-Processing Additive Manufactured Parts

Guyson’s surface finishing equipment is capable of delivering virtually any type of surface finish required by today’s 3D print or additive manufacturer. Smoothing over product striation lines, removing any excess or loosely adhered ceramic or metal particles from laser melted titanium parts and providing a more paint or coating receptive surface on FDM plastic prototypes by removing the smooth shine and replacing it with a finely controlled textured surface that improves subsequent adhesion on the 3D printed prototypes.

Guyson Ex Blast Cabinet Range

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Guyson Euroblast Ex 8SF - Atex blast cabinet system

The Euroblast Ex Range of Atex Blast Systems has been certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres which is particularly relevant in Additive Manufacturing (AM) applications where the use of fine powders of materials such as Plastic, Aluminium, Titanium and Inconel, can create potentially explosive atmospheres - often used in aerospace and medical AM sectors.

They are available as suction fed only blast systems in four cabinet sizes, equivalent to the Guyson Euroblast 4, 6, 8 & 10 cabinets and have an optional rotating basket – for batch blasting smaller components – on the 6 & 8 sized cabinets, which also come complete with flush-mounted rotary turntables as standard.

Guyson Standard Euroblast Blast Cabinets

C600-AM Dust Collector and Euroblast 6-AM Blast Cabinet

For lower levels of risk, the standard Euroblast blast cabinet can be specified with a variety of options that can be chosen, appropriate to the level of perceived risk involved. Options include full earth braiding to the cabinet, gun, dust collector and hose, and groundnuts on all the main contact points to prevent any static spark generation. Additionally, anti-static fabric gauntlets allow the operator greater flexibility when blasting, whilst preventing media escape.

As standard, all cabinets are equipped with externally located LED lighting, for illumination of the blast area, whilst not creating any chance of a spark within the blast chamber.

Model C600-AM Dust Collector - for Additive Manufacturing

Conscious of the explosive potential of some of the materials that can be involved in additive manufacturing the C600-AM dust collector has a host of features and options to minimise risks including; explosion relief valve, explosion isolation valve, secondary HEPA filtration, waste bin balance pipe - this enables dust collection in a plastic bag (located in the collection bin hopper) that can be quickly sealed on removal, minimising dust in the open atmosphere and a waste bin level sensor. Depending on the specific zone or environment, the C600 dust collector can be specified with an optional ATEX compliant motor, controls and switchgear. For further information download our Guyson C600 leaflet.

Powder Recovery System

Guyson has become the first manufacturer to create an automated post-processing system specifically for EBM (Electron Beam Melting) additive builds.

Guyson Powder Recovery System

ThePowder Recovery System (PRS) blast system incorporates the blast chamber, with build box integration, roof-mounted robot for automated blasting, high-efficiency cyclone powder separator and dust collection system.

Replacing the arduous and difficult to control manual cleaning and blasting operations with an automatic, fast, repeatable and safe system the Guyson PRS ensures your printers enjoy as much uptime as possible.

PVA Support Removal with Ultrasonics

Benchtop Ultrasonic Baths

Guyson's NEW range of ultrasonic cleaners provides safe, fast and effective ultrasonic cleaning in a fraction of the time required by hand cleaning. These baths are ideal for PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) support removal from 3D printed parts - the sonic agitation helps reduce the post-processing time considerably.

Available in seven sizes from 2 litres to 45 litres, all models feature an easy to use LCD, dedicated heater control, drain tap (apart from GUK-2) as well as stainless steel basket and lid.

The larger models (GUK 15, 22, 30 & 45) are fitted with an additional cooling fan to reduce heat on internal components, thus assisting reliability.

Guyson Orbit RPF For Cleaning Additive Manufactured Medical Implants

Guyson’s Powder Flush system for removal of residual Additive Manufacturing (AM) powders from trabecular structures

The Guyson Orbit 600 RPF has been designed to specifically flush residual additive manufacturing (AM) powders from medical implant trabecular structures, which aid the interlocking human bone growth into the implant.

Additive manufactured orthopaedic implants are typically made by SLS, SLM or EBM processes (Selective Laser Sintering, Selective Laser Melting or Electron Beam Melting) from Titanium powders in the size range of 5 to 45 micron for the SLS and SLM processes; and utilising 45 to 90 micron for EBM. After manufacture, the implants then have the bulk of the residue powder removed from the build-block with brushes and vacuums, sometimes followed with an air-wash or blast process to remove any semi-adhered powder particles, but because of the nature of the porous trabecular structures, small residues of powder are often still trapped inside the component and this must be removed. This is where the Guyson flushing process excels.