Guyson NEW range of benchtop ultrasonic baths are an affordable way to improve cleaning quality in medical, dental, school and other laboratories, where they may clean:

  • Dental and surgical instruments before sterilisation
  • Sanitising hard surface PPE - glasses, visors, goggles and breathing apparatus.
  • Glassware and syringes
  • Specimens prior to microscopic examination
  • Sampling components of analytical equipment

In workshops, they can be used to clean items such as:

  • Optical lenses and frames
  • Jewellery, clock and watch parts
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Small manufactured parts in production or maintenance
Guyson Benchtop Ultrasonic Baths

Microprocessor control of cleaning times and temperatures ensures consistent cleanliness from batch to batch and all baths can be supplied with a Pyrex Beaker and beaker holder allowing them to be used for low volume cleaning with solvents.

Alternatively, our Microsolve systems are designed to offer precision cleaning of water-sensitive components and assemblies or for those applications where solvent cleaning provides improved process performance. The Microsolve series is suitable for use with a wide range of solvents and attains the highest cleaning standards yet keep running costs low.