Guyson can offer a range of products for degreasing components including spray washing and ultrasonic cleaning, so customers get the right machine for the job. Product recommendation will be affected by issues such as size and weight of the parts, volumes expected to be processed in certain timescales, type of contamination and level of cleanliness required.

Which is why, whether your interest is in blast, spray wash or ultrasonic cleaning, Guyson offer free component trials, undertaken with no obligation to buy. Once these trials have been undertaken then we can proceed to give appropriate advice, mindful of your budget.

For heavily soiled parts often the best solution is to use a combination of spray washing, in an Orbit (rotary basket washer) to remove the heavy-duty soils, grease, dirt, grime etc and then follow that up with precision cleaning in a KS tank or ultrasonic bath to remove particulate level dirt from threaded areas, crevices etc.

Typical Guyson products to choose from for degreasing parts