Kerry Ultrasonic Parts

Guyson are still able to support, with spares and service, many older 'Kerry Ultrasonic' systems sold prior to Guyson's aquisition of the company back in April 2004 and of course Guyson provides full spares provision for all the 'Kerry' branded ultrasonic equipment it has manufactured since that date.

Spares offered include: generator boards, transducers, pumps, seals, molecular sieve filters, spray nozzles for UCR systems, Pyrex beakers and holders for MKC ultrasonic baths and a whole host of other items too numerous to individually mention.

If you have a specific 'Kerry' ultrasonics spares requirement please note the machine model, dimensions and serial number before you call and any other relevant details off the machine identity plate so as to make advising you of the correct spares choice more accurate - as their are a lot of model variations. For further information on current prices and parts availability please call our Customer Service Department on +44 (0)1756 799911.