Klaw hygienic breakaway couplings

Klaw hygienic breakaway couplings

Hygienic break-away couplings are the cost-effective way to protect your hoses, pipework and pumps.

Safety Break-away couplings are used where there is a risk of pull away accidents, normally where road tanker loading and unloading is taking place.

They are designed to reduce the risk of damage to terminal and loading/unloading equipment.

Installation of safety breakaway couplings can potentially minimise downtime and protect expensive equipment.

A technical brochure and Safety Break-away Coupling - Enquiry Details Form SBC/0520 are available in the downloads (tab) section shown below.

A copy of these documents should be distributed and read by all individuals responsible for using and/or selecting this range of couplings prior to use. The Enquiry Details Form is required to be completed and returned to Guyson when enquiring about this product.

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Product Details

  • Acts as the weakest link in the transfer line - breaks away if an excessive tensile load is applied to the line, eg a tanker driven away whilst the hose is still attached
  • Avoids damage to hose, pipework, pump, vehicle, etc
  • Easily re-set in a few minutes on site by a maintenance engineer (spares kit required)
  • Specially developed for food industry use - smooth, polished, unrestricted flow path; no “bug traps”
  • 316 stainless steel with FDA approved silicone seal
  • Available to fit all sizes of hygienic hose from 1.1/2" - 4" nb (larger sizes can also be offered)
  • End connections can be RJT, IDF, flanged, etc
  • This range of breakaway couplings are non-valved
  • For specific applications and working conditions, please consult Guyson Technical Department.