Guyson finishing equipment is successfully used in maintenance workshops, repair shops, service centres, garages and military depots on a varied component mix and can eliminate laborious handwork, chemical cleaning and environmental issues from the workshop.

Ultrasonic Tanks for the Maintenance Cleaning of Oil Filters

Kerry KS1500 Ultrasonic Cleaning TankFrequently hydraulic oil filters, such as those used in power stations, get contaminated with a build-up of tiny particulates from the hydraulic oil into the fine woven mesh. Traditional methods of cleaning tend to only clean the external surfaces. They do not clean effectively between the strands of the mesh. Guyson's 'Kerry' branded ultrasonic tanks cleaning ability is able to penetrate much deeper into the woven mesh thereby giving a more thorough clean and extending the life of the filter between scheduled maintenance cleaning intervals.

There are six standard tank sizes in the range with the smallest tank, being the KS300, having a tank capacity of 21 litres and extending all the way up to the KS4000 which has a very substantial 275 litre capacity. Larger sizes are available to special order. All are robustly constructed using AISI 316L polished stainless steel tanks for durability, whilst Kerry Pulsatron ultrasonic generators ensure powerful parts cleaning and long equipment life.

Automated Vapour Degreasing

The Kerry Microsolve Mono-Solvent system manufactured by Guyson has three process stages comprising of ultrasonic cleaning, followed by vapour rinsing and freeboard drying. The Microsolve has unique proven solvent retention features that provide economic benefits as well as effective use of HFE (hydrofluoroether) or HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) solvents.

The Mono Solvent process is intended for applications with light to medium contamination levels and typical applications include precision cleaning of bearings, gyro components and medical components; maintenance cleaning of pneumatic and hydraulic components; and, in electronics, rosin flux removal from PCBs or from solder jigs and fixtures.

Guyson Blast Cabinets

Guyson's extensive range of manual blast cabinets (cabinets available up to 2 metre square or Inline for longer parts) can provide you with an effective answer to a varied product maintenance program. Removal of machining marks, heat scale, weld splatter and discolouration, even rust is no problem. Equally just as effective at surface preparation prior to plating, painting or powder coating or if your products need a particular value-adding cosmetic surface finish imparting on them. Ideal for automotive core re-manufacturing operations and refurbishing cutting tools, routers, saw blades and drills and for providing blast cleaning without damaging critical threads on extrusion and injection screws.

Guyson offers two main ranges of 'standard' blast cabinet. The Formula - for light industrial bead blasting and the Euroblast range for heavy-duty industrial sand blasting.

Typical maintenance applications for Guyson Formula bead blast cabinets

General auto parts maintenance cleaning, paint removal, surface preparation of parts prior to re-painting, refurbishing cutting tools, routers, saw blades, drills, etc.

Euroblast 2 metre blast cabinet - ideal for Aerospace MROTypical maintenance applications for the Euroblast range of sandblasting cabinets

Heavy-duty industrial maintenance cleaning, turbocharger refurbishment, deburring and descaling metal products, refurbishing pumps and valves, cleaning moulds and dies, cleaning extrusion and injection mould screws, Aerospace MRO - including paint stripping, removal of burnt on carbon deposits from turbine blades and landing gear refurbishment, cleaning drill rod threads (used in the Oil & Gas sector), soda blasting tyre mould segments.