Microsolve 350C Solvent Cleaning System

Microsolve 350C Solvent Cleaning System

Guyson’s Kerry branded Microsolve cleaning systems attain the highest cleaning standards, yet keep running costs low. The Microsolve 350 Co-Solvent vapour degreasing system manufactured by Guyson International, has four process stages comprising of ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic rinse, followed by vapour rinsing and freeboard drying.

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Microsolve 350 Co Solvent vapour degreaserSolvent retention features unique to the Microsolve range; triple coil reflux cooling, vapour break, 150% freeboard, (with optional auto top-up and solvent monitoring on the larger systems) - ensures that systems are safe and comply fully with environmental and safety legislation.

These design features mean that Microsolve systems operate with low, predictable solvent usage and customers enjoy low, predictable running costs.

Options on co-solvent systems include:

  • Solvent monitoring with auto top-up
  • Autotrans iDrive handling system

Typical Co-Solvent applications that the co-solvent process handles with ease are: polishing compound removal, power generation system component cleaning and flux removal from PCBs, including no-clean and lead-free solder flux residues.

Internal Tank - Length (mm)Internal Tank - Width (mm)Internal Tank - Depth (mm)
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