Manual Blast Machines

Guyson International's blast cleaning and finishing equipment use compressed air to propel blast abrasives directly at the component through an exclusively designed blast gun. These clean and safe operations are carried out in a well-illuminated cabinet from which dust is constantly removed by a dust collector and the blast media is recycled to provide a continuous and reliable cleaning and finishing system.

Guyson has a range of standard blasting machines to suit virtually every type of industry sector, application, product handling requirement and price point. Additionally, we can offer a vast back catalogue of special variations of blast cabinet, undertaken over nearly 80 years, to facilitate our customers blast finishing needs.

How to choose a blast machine

For all you need to know about the systems, the options, the sizes - and how to choose the best machine for you, download the 'Guyson Manual Blast Equipment Guidelines' for further background information on blast equipment selection.