Guyson Benchtop Ultrasonic Baths

Guyson's NEW range of ultrasonic cleaners provides safe, fast and effective ultrasonic cleaning in a fraction of the time required by hand cleaning. Lightly soiled items such as jewellery may take only seconds; medium soil is normally removed in two minutes or so. Also ideal for PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) support removal from 3D printed parts - the sonic agitation helps reduce the post-processing time considerably.

Available in seven sizes from 2 litres to 45 litres, all models feature an easy to use LCD display, dedicated heater control, drain tap (apart from GUK-2) as well as stainless steel basket and lid.

The larger models (GUK 15, 22, 30 & 45) are fitted with an additional cooling fan to reduce heat on internal components, thus assisting reliability.

Guyson Range of GUK Ultrasonic Baths

Ideal for use in the laboratory, factory, technicians workshop, or service centre for sanitising hard surface PPE - glasses, visors, goggles and breathing apparatus. Anywhere where fast and effective precision cleaning is needed. Applications sectors such as Medical, Dental and Optical can all benefit from ultrasonic cleaning which removes traces of virus contamination and bacteria.

Prospective users of Guyson's ultrasonic cleaners are encouraged to submit sample components for free feasibility testing in the company’s extensive Component Finishing Centre at Skipton, England.

Got a cleaning problem?

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