Euroblast 10 - Sand Blast Machine

Euroblast 10 - Sand Blast Machine

The Guyson Euroblast 10 is the largest of Guyson's 'standard' blast machines. The Euroblast 10 is equipped with a cavernous blast chamber with dimensions of width 1480 x depth 1480 x height 1145mm, so it can accommodate the largest of industrial parts such as pump bodies, filters and engine parts.

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Usually, this size and type of cabinet are sold for heavy-duty industrial applications so are frequently sold as a full pressure fed system; incorporating a Guyson model CY600/12 Cyclone Reclamator and G55 Pressure Pot with a Model C800 Dust Collector.

Typical options include:

  • Suction or pressure fed
  • Rubber lining
  • Fixed turntable
  • Sideloading turntable
  • Cabinet cutouts for tube and pipe blasting

Larger, taller and wider versions of Euroblast machines can be and often are made to meet particular customer criteria - see our Euroblast Specials.

Euroblast Model 10
Internal chamber (mm) width1480
Internal chamber (mm) depth1480
Internal chamber (mm) height1145
Overall cabinet height (mm)2125
Side door aperture W x H (mm)1410 x 1100
Max floor loading (kg)150
Fixed position turntable diameter (mm)900
Max load turntable (kg)250
Side loading turntable optionYes
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