Guyson manufactures, sells, supports, and services our extensive line of 'Kerry-branded ultrasonic cleaning equipment. These units, from the smallest bath to the largest automated multi-tank system, provide efficient precision cleaning and removal of polishing compounds from the surfaces and crevices of parts to be plated without damaging polished surfaces. In parts to be electroplated or anodised, problems such as staining or poor adhesion are eliminated.

We also have a comprehensive range of UK-built KST ultrasonic submersibles transducer blocks and stand-alone ultrasonic generators that are also available to retrofit to existing cleaning tanks. All these systems can remove hours of manual cleaning and deliver excellent finished results.

Pre Blasting, Post Blasting and after Anodising

Furthermore, we manufacture an extensive range of manual and automated blast equipment that can provide you with the ideal solution for surface preparation of components prior to processes such as coating, painting, plating, anodising or bonding.

Additionally, deburring and removal of machining marks, heat scale, weld splatter, and discolouration can all be achieved with our blast systems, which are also just as effective at producing a myriad of value-adding cosmetic surface finishes.