Guyson produces a range of blast cabinets, both manual and automated, for handling various diameters and lengths of pipes, tubes and rods. This extensive range of blast equipment is capable of removing machining marks, heat scale, weld discolouration and also rust and caked-on mud. We also produce blast machines for shot peening and/or grit blasting the internal and external threads on drill rods and their couplings.

Euroblast 4 with internal cut outs

Over the years Guyson has created a host of component handling solutions for both its premier industrial quality range of manual Euroblast® and automated Multiblast® cabinets.

Cabinet options include numerous self-sealing side openings and cut-outs in cabinet walls for passing through or inserting longer lengths of pipes, tubes or rods for surface treatment. Lance blast nozzles are offered for grit blasting internal tubular surfaces. See below.

All of these pipe, tube and rod blast systems are classed as 'specials' and as such require a full review of the application and process and then sample trials undertaking to prove the recommended process. But all of this is available FREE at Guyson's 'Component Finishing Centre' and any potential customers are encouraged to make contact with Guyson as soon as possible in the process so that we can best advise you on the most appropriate machine required.

Below is a small sample of the projects undertaken to facilitate pipes, rods and tubes to be blasted in Guyson cabinets.

Side Cut Outs - For Pipe Blasting

Euroblast 6 with Blanking Plate

LHS and RHS cut-outs are made in blast cabinet walls/doors to accommodate tubular components up to about 10" diameter (depending on the size of the cabinet). Each cabinet comes complete with a blanking plate (shown) which is used when the cabinet is used normally and reducing plates for side cut-outs (2", 3" and 4" etc) to be fitted in place when tubular items are required to be blasted.

Internal Bore Blast Lance

Lance Blasting for Internal Bores

This machine is designed to shot peen the internal threads on a range of pipes that are of differing diameters and lengths. A selection of clip-on side plates - complete with rubber sealed holes, are supplied with the machine to handle the differing diameter pipes. The blast lance is manually adjusted to the appropriate distance from the threads of the pipes, and then the pipe is externally rotated whilst the lance traverses in and out during blasting.

Drill Rod Thread Blasting

Euroblast 10 - Pipe Side Loader

Over the years Guyson has produced several large Euroblast pressure feed systems, equipped with roller side loaders for holding and rotating the pipes, for one of the world’s leading providers of products, services and integrated solutions for oil and gas exploration. The company has an ongoing requirement for large blast cabinets capable of handling long and heavy drill rod couplings whilst blast deburring the threaded area at the end of the rods.

Download Guyson's Oil & Gas product brochure here

Automated Rod Blasting

Automated Rod Blasting

Automated TR (Through or In-Line) blast cabinet designed to cosmetically clean the outside of long silicon carbide rods. The rods, which are long and brittle, are blasted with glass grit within the cabinet, using a ring of six Model 900 guns that oscillate around the diameter of the tubes.