Euroblast 4 - Sand Blast Machine

Euroblast 4 - Sand Blast Machine

A popular small industrial-quality blast machine; doesn't take up much room and is ideal for maintenance workshops.

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Guyson Additive Manufacturing Finishing StationThe Euroblast 4 is fitted with a full-height side opening door, allowing the cabinet to be placed up against a wall on the left, for economical use of space, but still permits items to be easily fitted inside the blast chamber.

A full-width foot pedal provides the operation of a blast gun with either foot, leaving both hands free to manipulate the part and/or the blast gun.

Typical options include suction or pressure fed, rubber lining, turntable, pencil blaster.

Euroblast Model 4
Internal chamber (mm) width800
Internal chamber (mm) depth540
Internal chamber (mm) height715
Overall cabinet height (mm)1655
Max floor loading (kg)150
Fixed position turntable diameter (mm)400
Max turntable load (kg)150
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