Guyson offers a range of finishing equipment for many diverse applications that feature in the optics and photonics sector, including automated blast cabinets for intricate fine media etching of ceramic and silicon substrates.

Additionally, the Microsolve ultrasonic vapour degreasing equipment for precision stain-free cleaning of medical/optical lens components following diamond machining to remove any traces of airborne dust, machining oil residues and fingerprints from the optics prior to an anti-scratch vacuum coating process.

Also, our multi-stage Microclean aqueous ultrasonic cleaning systems are configurable to suit many glass and plastic cleaning applications such as:

  • Glass mould cleaning
  • Spectacle frames (removal of polishing compounds)
  • Clean contact lenses prior to sterile packaging
  • Organic and mineral lenses (final clean prior to hard coating and/or AR coating)
  • Stain-free clean precision optics including laser gun sights, night vision optics and head-up displays
  • Optoelectronics and photonics precision cleaning
  • Removal of small particle contamination from the camera assemblies and superfine ultrasonically bonded electronic connector wires
  • Removal of polishing oxide compounds from glass and plastic lenses
  • Deblocking contact lenses

Guyson 7-Stage Microclean precision cleanerSafe and environmentally sound aqueous cleaning solutions are selected to suit the requirements of the glass or plastic manufacturing process.

Suited to a range of precision cleaning needs in the optical sector the multi-tank Microclean aqueous cleaning systems offer, as standard configuration; heated ultrasonic clean, rinse, rinse, warm air dry, and additional stages can be added to meet a variety of process requirements.

Blast Finishing

Guyson also offers a range of manual and automated blast finishing equipment for applications such as:

  • Removal of coating overspray from fixtures, tooling and carriers used in vacuum coating processes for thin-film coating via blast cleaning
  • Cosmetic blast finishing of optical frames
  • Fine media etching of ceramic and silicon substrates