T40 - Tumbleblast System

T40 - Tumbleblast System

Guyson T40 Tumbleblast - basket and gunGuyson’s T40 blast systems offer highly effective blast finishing for batch processing of small parts. Ideal for cleaning, deburring, deflashing, cosmetic finishing or surface treatment of small metal components such as aerospace fasteners, screws, bolts, nuts, washers, circlips etc. A stainless steel basket is available as an option if required; for instance, blasting medical components.

This compact batch blast machine delivers:

  • Fast cycle times
  • Repeatable process quality
  • Safe and easy operation

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Product Details

Guyson T40

  • Max load 35 kg
  • Max Volume 15 litres
  • H 1660 x W 887 x D 980
  • Number of blast guns (standard) 1
  • Number of blast guns (optional) 2
  • Fasteners, Gears, Rivets, Springs, Casting etc

    Fasteners, Gears, Rivets, Springs, Casting etc

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