Guyson International has been providing effective grit blasting equipment to many of the oil and gas industry's leading companies, for example, the cleaning of drill rod threads and deburring couplings, since Guyson was formed back in 1938.

Guyson's extensive range of blast equipment is equally capable of removing machining marks, heat scale and discolouration and also rust and caked-on mud.

Deburring drill rod threads

Additionally, Guyson International has also had several repeat orders for large Euroblast pressure feed systems, equipped with roller side loaders for holding the pipes, from one of the world’s leading providers of products, services and integrated solutions for oil and gas exploration who has a requirement for a large blast cabinet capable of handling long and heavy drill rod couplings whilst blast deburring the threaded area at the end of the rods.

Download Guyson's OIl & Gas product brochure here

Guyson Orbit 800 ATEX certifiedSpray Washing

Guyson have created a fully ATEX certified Guyson ‘Orbit’ rotary basket washer, capable of being used directly on oil and gas production platforms for cleaning and degreasing components such as filters.

Simple to use, this is cost-effective and very time efficient compared to labour-intensive manual cleaning methods or transporting parts back to shore-based cleaning operations. Environmentally sound, it uses only safe aqueous wash technology.

Kerry KS Ultrasonic TankUltrasonic Cleaning

Guyson also manufactures a large range of ‘Kerry’ branded ultrasonic cleaning equipment which offers a rapid and highly effective method of precision cleaning components to a very high standard. Manual cleaning or even spray wash methods may struggle with blind holes or stubborn surface contamination but these problems can be solved when ultrasonics are used.