Guyson has a variety of Euroblast blast machines, designed specifically for cleaning injection and extrusion mould screws, which will be able to accommodate your product.

Options include extension boxes on the side of the cabinet, to allow smaller screws to fit totally inside the cabinet or cut-outs in the side of the cabinet which allows long extrusion screws to be passed through the cabinet (whilst externally supported) and blasting takes place along the length of the case hardened steel extrusion screw threads.

A highly effective process, the blast cabinet is easy to operate and saves valuable time compared to manual cleaning methods. Quickly removes tough, encrusted deposits, particularly within hard-to-reach recessed areas and complex shapes and also removes black carbon deposits from the screws, especially critical in preventing subsequent product contamination.

For extra-long steel extrusion screws (3-4 metres), often used by compounders, Guyson has also previously produced a Euroblast pressure-fed cabinet mounted on wheels to facilitate its travel and blast along the entire length of the screws.