Guyson International produce some of the finest blast finishing, spray wash and ultrasonic cleaning machines in the world and have been manufacturing finishing equipment for over 80 years now. Our products are successfully used in dozens of marine engineers and shore based and on-vessels workshops, on hundreds of varied components and we believe our equipment can help remove much of your labour intensive cleaning from the marine workshop and would like the opportunity to demonstrate it.

Our extensive range of manual blast cabinets (cabinets available up to 2 metre square or Inline construction for longer parts) can provide you with an effective answer to a varied on board or shore side product maintenance and refurbishment program. Removal of machining marks, heat scale and discolouration even rust is no problem. Equally just as effective at surface preparation prior to plating, painting or powder coating or if your products need a particular value adding cosmetic surface finish imparting on them.

Additionally we provide a full manufacturing, sales, support and service for our comprehensive range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment. These units deliver safe, fast, effective cleaning from the smallest benchtop ultrasonic cleaner to the largest automated multi-tank system. Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the best ways to clean the multitude of winch parts quickly and easily - and all contained safely within a basket.

Guyson International also manufacture a broad range of rotary spray wash products, small enough for the workshop environment and ideal for degreasing engine and machinery components. Simple to use, cost effective to run, very time efficient compared to labour intensive manual cleaning methods and environmentally sound, using only aqueous wash technology.