dental implant

Dental laboratories and medical departments have found the micro-tipped Guyson Pencil Blaster invaluable for surface preparation, cleaning and deburring of orthodontic devices, surgical instruments and medical implants.

F1400 + Pencil Blaster

The Guyson Pencil Blast unit uses a small independent pressure-fed system to deliver a high-powered blast source through a micro-tipped blast nozzle. This makes it perfect for cleaning intricate and difficult-to-reach areas. The pencil-shaped nozzle, with internal diameters as fine as 0.8mm, pressure blasts ultra-fine media of particle sizes of more than 300 microns. The Pencil Blast unit can be fitted as an option to Guyson’s standard Formula and Euroblast® systems, or it can be used as a freestanding unit.

Guyson RXS200

For higher volumes of dental implant production Guyson offers the Multiblast® RXS200 as a first step on the automation ladder.

Rotating components in front of fixed or moving blast guns and nozzles produce a quality of surface finish coupled with high productivity, which cannot be achieved in manual blast systems. Designed and engineered from the outset to ensure a high level of process and machine control, the RXS200 ensures an accurate, consistent and uniform finish to every component. Whilst component quality, cost control and productivity can be dramatically increased by eliminating the variations inherent in hand processing.

The Guyson RXS200 delivers consistent, effective finishing results adding quality and assured value to your components.

The Guyson Multiblast® RXS200 comes in several permutations, allowing for varied production scenarios. The machine can be used as a one-time-use media system, throwing the used media away once used. It is also available with several options of media sieve to maintain a highly consistent media profile - ensuring critical surface texture is maintained.

  • Two spindles, one in load position and one in blast position.
  • Two blast nozzles arranged to co-blast the rotating dental screw thread
  • Media delivery system to suit customer applications (Suction/ Pressure feed)
  • Suitable for manual loading volumes 200 to 500 per day - cycle time typically
  • 10 seconds
  • Accurate enough for robot loading and capable of 2000 pieces per day
  • Fully medical specification compliant - fully 316L stainless steel
  • HMI / PLC controls
  • Data recording capability
  • Media classification options to give a statistical capable surface texture (Cpk >1.33)

Ultrasonic Baths

Guyson's range of NEW benchtop ultrasonic baths provide safe, fast and effective ultrasonic cleaning in a fraction of the time required by hand cleaning and is highly effective at cleaning dental implants either in the dental technician's workshop or at the manufacturing level before sterilisation.

Available in seven sizes from 2 litres to 45 litres, all models feature an easy-to-use LCD, dedicated heater control, drain tap (apart from GUK-2) as well as stainless steel basket and lid.

All models allow the user to pre-set exact cleaning times (up to 99.9 mins) and temperatures (from 20 to 80°C), thus ensuring the same high level of cleanliness every time. All tanks are made from stainless steel.