Formula 1400 - Bead Blast Machine

Formula 1400 - Bead Blast Machine

The Guyson Formula 1400 blast cabinet is ideal for light-duty applications or when blasting is required on an intermittent basis, such as in school Design Technology and Craft departments, art glass workshops and general maintenance departments.

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Bearing the Guyson brand name guarantees the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and quality. Guyson's success, for over 80 years now, has been founded on manufacturing quality equipment.

The Formula 1400 model with a foot-operated blast gun is ideal for small workshops, garages and maintenance departments. The strong, durable, high-quality sheet metal construction ensures the cabinet is tough enough for a variety of components and regular use.

The Guyson Formula 1400 features include:

  • Right-hand side opening door with pneumatically operated safety switch to prevent accidental blasting when open
  • Sealed gauntlet gloves (26" long)
  • Protected toughened glass viewing window
  • Model 400 gun - foot pedal operated
  • Adjustable gun support arm
  • Post blast airwash gun - trigger operated
  • Quick-release media changeover facility
  • Perforated steel floor
  • LED lighting with rear-mounted switch and both the UK and European single-phase plugs
  • Moisture trap/pressure regulator
  • Baffled air inlet with breather pad

Formula 1400 CCR

Formula 1400 CCR - for conformal coating removal

Guyson International has recently introduced a NEW specialised Formula 1400 CCR blast cabinet; for the selective removal of conformal coating from printed circuit boards (PCBs).

This specialist Formula CCR version is based on the well-proven Guyson Formula 1400 blast cabinet but has been specifically adapted for this application with a range of Electro Static Discharge (ESD) reduction features including an ionising air curtain, ergonomically designed handheld air-assisted ionising gun, extensive earth-grounding straps fitted to all individual items of the entire blast system and an earth grounding spike which can be used to protect individual items. Optional ultra-violet lighting is also available.

Internal blast chamber dimensions (W x D x H) mm815 x 560 x 591
Overall machine dimensions (W x D x H) mm815 x 605 x 1526
Blast Gun - Type 400Foot Operated
Dust CollectorF41 - Four fabric filter bags (5 micron, 01.8 m2 filtration area)
Electrical supply240 volts, 1 phase, 50 Hz (cabinet lighting)
Compressed air requirement27.2 m3/hour @ 5.5 bar (16 cfm @ 80 psi)
Maximum floor load25 kg
Cabinet weight95 kg
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