Kerry Ultrasonic Clean-Rinse (UCR Tanks)

Guyson's 'Kerry' branded UCR - ultrasonic clean and rinse systems provide a heated ultrasonic cleaning tank, an immersion rinse - weiring to drain, and a handheld spray for the final rinse.

Ultrasonic Clean and Rinse (UCR) systems are microprocessor controlled, allowing the user to pre-set precise cleaning times and aqueous solution temperatures.

Standard UCR ultrasonic tanks operate at 38 kHz (±10%) and are fitted with a varied number of 300 W internal generators, dependent on the size of the tank.

Download the UCR range leaflet here to see the sizes available.

Download the Guyson ultrasonic products range brochure here.

External Generator Option

The optional external generator provides switchable dual-frequency (40/80 kHz ±10%) and variable power control.

Other options include: a level sensor, pumped filtration, heating to the immersion rinse, deionised water spray rinse, and raising stand (200 mm).

Example uses for the Kerry UCR tanks include:

  • Production cleaning - removal of oils, swarf, polishing compound, brazing flux, solder flux, carbonised deposits, moulding residues
  • Refurbishment of computer parts, engine components etc
  • Maintenance of mould tools, extrusion dies, printing components, surgical instruments, electronics assembly system parts, and small machined components.

Prospective users of Guyson's 'Kerry' ultrasonic cleaning equipment are encouraged to submit sample components for free feasibility testing in the company’s extensive Component Finishing Centre at Skipton, England.

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