Formula 1200 - Bench Top Bead Blast Machine

Formula 1200 - Bench Top Bead Blast Machine

Entry-level blast systems for light industrial applications or when blasting is required on an intermittent basis.

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Bearing the Guyson brand name guarantees the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and quality. Guyson's success, for over 80 years now, has been founded on manufacturing quality equipment.

The bench-top Formula 1200 model is fitted with a trigger-operated blast gun for precise work and comes complete with the Guyson F41 Dust Collector.

The Guyson Formula 1200 features include:

  • Right-hand side opening door with pneumatically operated safety switch to prevent accidental blasting when open
  • Sealed gauntlet gloves (24" long)
  • Protected toughened glass viewing window
  • Model 400 trigger gun
  • Post blast airwash gun - trigger operated
  • Quick-release media changeover facility
  • LED lighting with a rear-mounted switch and both the UK and European single-phase plugs
  • Perforated steel floor
  • Quick-release mixer box for rapid media change
  • Moisture trap/pressure regulator
  • Baffled air inlet with breather pad

The compact and convenient blast cabinet design makes it ideal for:

  • Small workshops
  • Laboratories
  • Craft studios - glass workshops
  • DIY applications

If you wish to undertake precision blasting (electronics, horology, dental etc) then there is also a micro blast option called the Guyson Pencil Blaster which can be added to the Guyson blast cabinet of choice, often the Formula 1200.

This gives the dual function of using the larger Model 400 trigger gun for faster cleaning and the pencil blaster for more intricate work. The Pencil Blast unit is an external compact air-powered pressure-fed blast system, fitted with a hard metal stylus type nozzle (available with 0.8 mm, 1.2 mm or 1.8 mm bore blast nozzle) and comes complete with its own separate foot pedal control.

ModelFormula 1200
Internal blast chamber dimensions (W x D x H) mm600 x 460 x 495
Overall machine dimensions (W x D x H) mm600 x 505 x 785
Blast Gun - Type 400Trigger Operated
Dust CollectorF41 - Four fabric filter bags (5 micron, 1.8 m2 filtration area)
Electrical supply240 volts, 1 phase, 50 Hz
Compressed air requirement27.2 m3/hour @ 5.5 bar (16 cfm @ 80 psi)
Maximum floor load25 kg
Cabinet weight75 kg
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