Alloy Wheel Blast Machine (Wheelmaster)

Alloy Wheel Blast Machine (Wheelmaster)

Blast Cabinet For Blast Refurbishing Alloy Wheels

This blast machine has been specifically designed for blast etching alloy wheels and incorporates many application-specific handling features that enable the operator to use this wheel blasting system safely, without heavy lifting.

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The bead blasting process produces an even finish with easy sweeps across the wheel surface and, unlike traditional disc sanders, it allows both easy penetration of the blast media stream between the spokes and also very precise localised etching if required. It also provides a fast and even light etching to remove only the chipped lacquer on virtually new wheels, whilst being capable of etching right back to bare metal if required.

  • Specifically designed cabinet allows loading and unloading of the wheel without any heavy lifting
  • Very time-efficient compared to labour-intensive manual cleaning methods
  • Suction or pressure feed options to match application requirements and budgets
  • Ideal business opportunity by bringing the blast process in-house and adding value.
Inside the Suction Feed Guyson Wheelmaster

Pressure Feed Version

A pressure feed blast system is available as an option for intensive blasting or when needing to strip a wheel back to bare metal. The pressure feed system produces faster moving blast media and offers cycle times that can be up to four times faster than a suction feed system for tougher blasting applications.

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Guyson Wheelmaster
Height1750 mm
Depth1200 mm990 mm version is available for using in a van
Width990 mm
41 Dust CollectorH 1041 mm x D 553 mm x W 450 mm
C400 Dust Collector H 1650 mm x D 770 mm x W 460 mm
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