Expendable Blast Media

Cost effective, expendable, abrasive, generally manufactured from waste by-products and are usually for a one time use only and not suited to use in re-circulating system.

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Health and Safety

All Guyson blast media is non toxic and contains no free silica (with the exception of Turbonox). Specific COSHH health and safety data sheets are available for all products and MSDS datasheets can be donwloaded below.

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    Iron Silicate

    Guyson Iron Silicate is often better known by its original name of copper slag. It is a very cost effective, expendable, synthetic mineral abrasive, manufactured from the waste granulated slag produced by copper refineries.

    In appearance, the product is glassy and it tends towards brittle fracture upon impact, which produces a great deal of dust. This property means that it is only suited to use in open blasting applications and should not be used in any re-circulating systems.

    However, if used as intended, the abrasive nature of the product makes it ideal for rapid corrosion removal prior to a re-coating process.

    Users should be mindful of the fact that although not harmful to health, the black dust created should be regarded as a nuisance by anyone coming into contact with it.


    Mainly site blasting applications e.g. removal of corrosion and paint prior to recoating. Typical users would be contract blasters working on site, cleaning steelwork, commercial vehicle chassis etc.

    Download MSDS PDF here