Guyson offers a range of finishing equipment for blasting and cleaning batches of small components. These include the Euroblast Plus, the T40 and T50 tumbleblasters and the EB1 endless belt machines - all capable of batch blasting small parts.

Also offered is a range of ultrasonic baths and tanks and spray washers for cleaning small components in baskets in either water or solvents.

Processes such as blast finishing, cleaning, deburring, cosmetic finishing and surface preparation can be achieved, whilst delivering fast cycle times and repeatable process quality with limited manual labour input.

Rivets - Before & After Blasting High-performance aerospace fasteners can be found in engines, wings, fuselages, and landing gear. Other markets such as medical technologies, autosport racing, marine applications and gas turbine engines all demand aerospace-quality fasteners.

Other typical components for batch blasting include: deburring small gears, surface finishing rivets after heat quenching, shot peening springs and the surface preparation of castings.

Cleaning Springs

Springs can be solvent cleaned used our Microsolve precision cleaners to remove mineral drawing oil from the formed springs, before heat treatment, and then subsequently descaled in the T50 Tumbleblaster to produce an improved surface finish or shot peened to increase component service life.