GUK-30 Benchtop Ultrasonic Bath

Product Code: GUK-30

GUK-30 Benchtop Ultrasonic Bath

Product Code: GUK-30

Large capacity 30-litre ultrasonic bath - provides powerful cleaning in a reliable, cost-effective package. Ideal for sanitising hard surface PPE - glasses, visors, goggles and breathing apparatus.
Tank Size (500 L x 300 W x 200 H) mm

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Product Details

The new Guyson benchtop ultrasonic tank range, available in seven sizes from 2 to 45 litres, all models feature an easy to use LCD display, drain tap, as well as stainless steel basket and lid.


    • Stainless Steel Tank
    • Large LCD Display
    • Drain Valve
    • Heating Function
    • De-Gas Function
    • Memory Function
    • Sleep Mode
    • Adjustable Power
    • Sweep Function
    • Additional cooling fan to reduce heat on internal components, thus assisting reliability


    • Efficient Cleaning
    • Low Ultrasonic Noise Emissions
    • Clear LCD Screen
    • Quick Start
    • Energy Saving
    • Safe
    • Durable
    • Reliable

Ideal for the laboratory, or workshop use where precision cleaning is needed. Applications such as Electronics, Medical, Dental and Optical can all benefit from ultrasonic cleaning.

Unit Size (L x W x H) mm530 x 330 x 390
Tank Size (L x W x H) mm500 x 300 x 200
Basket Size (L x W x H) mm468 x 263 x 170
Tank Capacity (Litres)30
Ultrasonic Power (Watts)600
Heating Power (Watts)700
Frequency40 kHz
Timer1 - 99 Minutes
Temperature Range20°C - 60°C
Mains input / frequency220/240V 50/60 Hz
Drain facilitySide mounted drain tap
Weight (kg) (including box)16.9
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