Hose and pipe fittings in stainless steel

Hose and pipe fittings in stainless steel

Features include:

General-Purpose Hose Fittings (BS 2464)

  • A comprehensive range of general purpose industrial hose fittings for use with external clamps, clips, etc., generally based on BS 2464
  • All standard fittings are manufactured in 316/316L stainless steel
  • Fittings in other grades, including Monel etc, can be made to order, with early delivery
  • Part numbers quoted for flanged items refer to ASA 150lb Class - for other styles of flanges consult our Sales Department

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High Pressure Pipe Fittings

(BS 3799 3000 and 6000lb)

  • All in accordance with ANSI B16.11 and BS 3799 (screwed and socket weld fittings for the petroleum industry)
  • NPT threads are standard for this range but fittings with BSP. Tr (BS21) threads can readily be made to order
  • 3000Ib class fittings are normally available for immediate delivery ; 6000Ib class fittings are available to order on quick delivery
  • Standard fittings are in 316 stainless steel conforming to the following specifications:-
  • ASTM A182 F316L (Forged Items)
  • ASTM A312 WP316LS (Pipe Items)
  • BS 970 316 S11/S31 (Bar Stock items)
  • Fittings in the higher nickel alloys, eg. Monel, etc., can be made to order

General Purpose BSP Pipe Fittings (BS 1740 150lb)

  • This is a range of fittings for ‘low pressure’ applications generally known as ‘150lb Class Fittings’
  • They are dimensionally based on BS 1740
  • Within the range all female threads are parallel, whilst male threads are taper
  • All fittings in this range are normally available for immediate delivery

BSP Cone-Seat Hydraulic Fittings (BS 5200)

  • Generally available for immediate delivery
  • Elbows, Tees and Crosses are manufactured from prime plate conforming to ASTM A240 316/316L specification. Bar Stock Parts are made from BS 970 316 S11/S31 bar
  • Fabricated Elbows are either butt or socket welded, depending on size; nuts are crimp or slip-back
  • Accuracy and finish of these fittings are of the highest standard, helped by extensive use of the latest CNC equipment

Applications include: Stainless steel pipework systems.

For specific applications and working conditions, please consult Guyson Technical Sales Department.