Guyson manual blasting equipment can be used as an etch to produce logos and insignia on glass, pottery, cutlery, medals and items such as stone memorials and house signs. It is extremely fast in operation – a drinking glass can be etched with a measure insignia in around one second.

Video of glass etching in a Guyson Formula 1400 blast cabinet

Automated blasting has been used for many years by leading glass hollow ware decorators - such as those producing high-value perfume, spirit bottles and glass vases to add value to their product branding through tactile finishing.

Distinctive patterns, textures and frostings can all be achieved on flat plate glass and art glass by varying media types and air pressure settings. Typical usage could include frosted windows, internal glass panels, door panel decoration, decorative insignia and corporate branding. Decorating techniques range from frosting and simple linework to the most specialised etched designs and images created by using stencils of vinyl, metal, silkscreen and other materials. Variable blast gun air pressures allow for the finest shading and deep cut work using fine to coarse abrasives.

Mighyda blasted art glass scultureGuyson sandblasting systems are often the preferred choice of not only the top commercial companies decorating branded crystal and hollowware products in volume but also of many highly creative glass artists across Europe; the internationally famous glass, stone and steel artist - Mighyda (left) uses a Guyson Formula manual blast cabinet in his studio.

If you are contemplating using blasting in your glass decoration ask around for recommendations and you will find that many of the UK's leading glass craft studios, schools, colleges and university Arts & Craft departments already use Guyson blast equipment; we have after all been going since 1938. And to further set your mind at ease about buying Guyson, we offer free blast trials on your actual work, so why not bring some along and give it a try?