Euroblast 7 - Sand Blast Machine

Euroblast 7 - Sand Blast Machine

The Euroblast 7 blast machine affords easy access for longer components as the blast chamber is nice and wide.

A flexible blast machine with a wide range of parts loading options from the front, side and top opening doors. Large armholes give a comfortable reach inside the cabinet for the operator and a full-width foot pedal allows the operation of the blast gun with either foot.

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The Euroblast 7 is frequently sold as a pressure-fed system as it provides a good combination of cabinet size and power at a competitive price.

Ideal for industrial applications such as mould and die cleaning, casting investment removal, and general maintenance cleaning. The cabinet is also often chosen for cleaning extrusion and injection screws, owing to its initial wide blast chamber dimensions, and can be additionally fitted with a side extension box or cabinet side cutouts to accommodate longer screw lengths.

Typical blast cabinet options include suction or pressure fed, rubber lining, fixed turntable, pencil blaster, side loading turntable, cabinet extension boxes for longer items, 400 and 900 gun and blast nozzle.

Euroblast Model 7
Internal blast chamber (mm) width1480
Internal blast chamber (mm) depth900
Internal blast chamber (mm) height880
Overall cabinet height (mm)1825
Side door aperture W x H (mm)700 x 535
Front/top door aperture W x H (mm)1450 x 890
Max floor loading (kg)150
Fixed position turntable diametre (mm)750
Max turntable load (kg)150
Side loading turntable optionYes
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