PTFE 8000 Corroline+ flexible smooth-bore chemical hose

PTFE 8000 Corroline+ flexible smooth-bore chemical hose

Most of our Kaptech flexible hose assemblies can be supplied complete with easy to use quick-release couplings: see our Hansen couplings range for details.

Kaptech Corroline+ flexible PTFE hose offers a unique solution to the need for a smooth bore hose with the flexibility of a convoluted hose.

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Product Details

  • Smooth bore yet highly flexible hose - a unique combination
  • Excellent chemical resistance - inert to all but a handful of uncommon chemicals
  • Self-cleaning - product does not adhere to the tube wall
  • Low flow-resistance - flow rates are more than twice those of conventional convoluted hose
  • Durable - stainless steel braid with abrasion resistant, black anti-static smooth finish EPDM rubber cover
  • Heat resistant - usable from -40°C up to 150°C, dependent on application/specification
  • Vacuum resistant - usable to -0.9 Bar for all sizes
  • Sizes - 1/2" up to 3" nb
  • Wide range of end fittings - Triclamp, SMS, BSP, NPT, JIC, flanges, camlock etc
  • For specific applications and working conditions, please consult Guyson Technical Sales Department.