Our surface cleaning and finishing products are utilised at every level of the automotive pipeline and on thousands of varied components; from garage maintenance and classic car restoration all the way to Tier 1 manufacturers and Formula 1 race teams.


Guyson offers a range of wash products for auto parts cleaning including ultrasonic baths for applications such as the precision cleaning of carburettors and diesel injectors and also a range of larger ultrasonic tanks for brake, clutch and gear assembly cleaning.

Also using aqueous wash chemistry is the Guyson Orbit rotary spray washer which is used in the garage repair trade for the removal of dirt and grease from engine parts. The Orbit is also used by OEM’s for cellular inter-stage cleaning whilst, for cleaning higher component volumes.


Guyson's extensive range of manual blast cabinets(available up to 2-metre square or Inline construction for longer parts) can provide you with an effective answer to a varied product manufacturing and refurbishment program.

Removal of machining marks, heat scale and discolouration even rust and grease can all be achieved with our blast systems, along with shot peeningfor strength and longer component life. Equally Guyson blast finishing is just as effective at surface preparation before plating or powder coating or if your components need a particular value-adding cosmetic surface finish imparting on them.

Guyson also manufactures the Wheelmaster - a dedicated alloy wheel blasting machine that is often used in the smart repair trade.