Small Parts Batch Blasting (Tumbleblast)

Guyson Tumbleblast Cabinets For Batch Blasting Small Parts

Guyson Tumbleblast systems are ideal for cleaning, deburring, deflashing, cosmetic finishing or surface treatment of small metal components such as aerospace fasteners, screws, bolts, nuts, washers, circlips, carabiners etc.

Guyson's range of Tumbleblast machines includes the model T40 and T50, both of which provide highly effective batch blast finishing of small components. Both systems offer:

  • Fast cycle times
  • Repeatable process quality
  • Safe and easy to operate

Typical applications for the Tumbleblast range

Efficient batch process for cleaning, deburring, deflashing, descaling, degreasing and cosmetic finishing or for lightly etching parts prior to a coating, plating, anodising or painting. All on a wide range of components such as aerospace fasteners, screws, lockbolts, studs, nuts, connectors, circlips, small castings and forgings and small turned parts such as fasteners, couplings, connectors, carabineers etc. Also used for shot peening a variety of springs.

For customers that have a 'periodic' need for batch blasting multiple small components, Guyson offers the Euroblast Plus. A standard Euroblast cabinet with an additional tumble blasting basket option.

Prospective users of Guyson automated sandblasting equipment are encouraged to submit sample components for free feasibility testing in the company’s extensive Component Finishing Centre at Skipton, England. Contact Guyson now - see contact details at the bottom of this page.