Guyson offers diverse finishing equipment ranges that are capable of producing a value-adding glass bead blasted surface on all your catering equipment and precision cleaning dairy capper tooling and plate/tubular heat exchangers.

Catering equipment

Guyson's extensive range of manual and automated blast equipment includes extra-large cabinets with blast chambers over two-metre square to take larger items and conveyorised blast systems for blasting longer items or large flat items such as fascia’s. And all can provide you with the ideal solution for producing a value-adding glass bead blasted surface on all your catering equipment. The removal of pressing, machining or moulding marks, heat scale and weld discolouration are also other common usage applications for our blast cabinets.


Guyson provides full manufacturing, sales, support and service for our extensive range of ‘Kerry’ branded ultrasonic cleaning equipment which delivers deep-down cleaning on a varied component mix. For instance, many of our ultrasonic cleaning tanks are used in the dairy industry for cleaning various stainless steel milk production tooling components, in particular the capper tooling used for fitting the plastic caps to the milk bottles. By using our ultrasonic cleaning tanks it is possible to clean the capper tooling complete, without the need to strip it down into individual parts, thus saving valuable time.

Additionally, Guyson offers a wide range of UK built ultrasonic submersibles transducer blocks and stand-alone ultrasonic generators to retrofit on existing cleaning tanks or equally a selection of large ultrasonic cleaning tanks - all suitable for cleaning plate or tubular heat exchangers used for the heating and cooling of liquid foodstuffs.


Vending machine service companies also frequently use our ultrasonic baths for a varied program of maintenance cleaning including plastic and stainless shutes, pipes, filters and pumps.

Spray washing

Furthermore, we manufacture a range of rotary table spray wash products, small enough for the workshop environment and ideal for degreasing and cleaning varied components. Simple to use, cost-effective to run, very time efficient compared to labour-intensive manual cleaning methods and environmentally sound, using safe aqueous wash technology.