Do you have a need for precision cleaning in your service operations?

Guyson International work extensively with service centres, technology life cycle support services, office equipment maintenance and IT facilities management companies, providing a variety of precision cleaning equipment that is used for operations such as:

  • Precision cleaning of Industrial components
  • PCB and Electronics cleaning
  • Mobile phone and tablet refurbishing
  • Cleaning of inkjet print heads
  • Fluff blasting – removal of fluff, dust and toner from inside printers, monitors, copiers
  • Optoelectronics cleaning
  • Precision cleaning of small mechanical components
  • Cleaning of laboratory glassware

Guyson’s extensive range of manual blast cabinets can be successfully utilised in the refurbishment of high-value mobile phones and tablet bodies to remove surface scratches and blemishes and/or provide surface preparation prior to anodising - returning them to a virtually as new condition.

Guyson also offers a clean self-contained air wash facility for removing dust, dirt, toners, and general build-up of fluff from the insides of monitors, printers, copiers etc, and incorporating full dust collection facilities with each machine.

Whilst our ultrasonic baths are frequently used in the service centre for providing deep down internal precision cleaning where conventional cleaning methods often prove ineffective, such as thoroughly cleaning inkjet print heads. Baths are available in capacities between two and twenty-two litres to suit different workloads and can be supplied with a Pyrex Beaker and beaker holder allowing them to be used with varied solvents.

Alternatively, our Microsolve vapour degreasing systems are designed to produce precision cleaning of water-sensitive components and assemblies where our engineered fluid cleaning provides improved process performance.