Guyson offers both manual and automated machine options for grit blasting and shot peening turbine blades.

Grit blasting is the perfect solution for removal of oxide layers and coatings from a selection of turbine blades and nozzle guide vanes (NGV), both during original manufacture or in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) situation. Whereas shot peening is regularly specified for aerospace and land-based turbine blades to enhance component service life.

Manual Grit Blasting of Turbine Blades

Euroblast PF (Pressure Fed) systems are the machines to choose - the blast stream is generated by a Guyson G27 or G55 Pressure Pot and the blast media is fed from the pressure vessel into the cabinet through the heavy-duty hose to the blast nozzle. Pressure fed blast systems can be up to four times faster at blasting than suction fed, so great for industrial applications where time is money and a fast turnaround of components is required.

Automated Grit Blasting of Turbine Blades

Robotically Controlled Grit Blasting of Turbine BladesGuyson offers two main options, either straight forward automated blasting where multiple blast nozzles saturation grit blast the part which is placed on a spindle or table and slowly rotated whilst the blast nozzles stroke vertically up and down the product.

Or alternatively, the more precise robotically controlled grit blasting, where a single nozzle is located at the end of the robot arm and precisely directed around the turbine blade (or the robot arm can hold the part and manipulate it precisely around a fixed nozzle). Either of these two later options can offer substantial customer benefits over the multiple nozzle scenario - please read our ‘10 Reasons for Robot Blasting’ brochure or visit our Robotic Blasting pages to learn more.