Blast Guns

Guyson blasting uses compressed air to propel blast media directly at the component through an exclusively designed blast gun or blast nozzle - all standard gun bodies are made of aluminium. These clean and safe operations are housed within an illuminated cabinet from which dust is constantly being removed and the blast media recycled. This provides a continuous and reliable cleaning and finishing system.

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    900 Gun

    The industrial quality model 900 blast gun is offered with all of the Euroblast blast cabinet range apart from the Euroblast 2 - which uses the Guyson model 400 gun. The model 900 provides a wide nozzle spread of blast media and is good for blasting larger components or where fast coverage of large flat areas is required. An adjustable grip handle is available to aid manoeuvrability within the cabinet and a polyurethane bodied model 900 gun is available if required to go with the Mediblast blast cabinets for the medical sector.

    900 Gun with Handle900 polyurethane bodied gun

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    400 Gun

    The smaller, model 400 blast gun, comes as standard with all of the Formula blast cabinet range, but can be offered with any Guyson blast system that requires precise blast coverage. They can be tailored to suit air supplies of between 8 and 16 CFM when blasting at 80 PSI. A stainless steel model 400 gun version is available if required with the Mediblast blast cabinet for the medical sector.

    Stainless steel model 400 gun

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    400 trigger gun for Jetstream systems

    Guyson 400 trigger gun for the Jestream cabinet range fitted with an 8 cfm, 12 cfm or 16 cfm air jet

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    400 trigger gun for Formula 1200 systems

    The Formula blast cabinet range starts with the F1200 bench top model, which has trigger operation for the blast gun and is perfect for small workshops, laboratories, studios and even DIY applications.

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    500 Gun

    The model 500 blast gun, was provided with all of the Guyson Tiger blast cabinet range and offered a medium blast coverage. This is only now available as a replacement on existing Tiger blast systems.