In-Line Blast Systems (Tunnel Blaster)

In-Line Blast Systems (Tunnel Blaster)

Multiblast TR Gun Carriage

Guyson Multiblast® TR (Through) and TRR (Through & Return) blast machines are specified where high volumes are required and the component shape or physical size dictates a straight pass in-line through the blast chamber path.

Multiblast TR machines are designed to pass the components through the system, exiting at the back of the machine to an off-load position.

Multiblast TRR machines pass components through then return them to the start position, either receiving further blasting or air washing on the return or simply passing through the blast chamber to off load.

Each of these straight pass conveyorised blast cabinets is custom built to suit the specific application and component volumes.

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Product Details

Guyson Multiblast TR Blast MachineThe Guyson through feed blast systems are prefect for in-line grit etching surface lengths of pultruded, extruded or composite cast profiles prior to coating or bonding or alternatively bead blasting to create a value adding cosmetic sheen finish on architectural structures with composite, aluminium or stainless steel surfaces.

Typical applications for Guyson In-Line blast systems

  • Surface preparation of composite components
  • Sureface preparation of pultruded window parts
  • Etching automotive roof running rails
  • Cosmetic finishing domestic appliance fascias

Prospective users of Guyson automated In-Linegrit blast cabinets are encouraged to submit sample components for free feasibility testing in the company’s extensive Component Finishing Centre at Skipton, England. Contact Guyson now - see contact details at the bottom of this page.

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Call Guyson now on 01756 799911 and one of our experienced sales engineers will come out and talk through your problem, take away samples, process them for free and get back to you with a recommended course of action. Call Guyson now on 01756 799911 or email

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