One of the largest names in Aerospace, and one of its main subcontractors, have over several months installed a total of eleven Guyson Orbit 600 rotary basket aqueous degreasers. These fast, effective and economical cleaning and degreasing machines were specified as the perfect cost effective solution for thoroughly degreasing flap actuation gears in production machining cells and during service overhauls of aircraft components.

These industrial quality washers are built from heavy gauge stainless steel and equipped with 60 litre a minute stainless steel pumps that draw the heated wash solution from an insulated 100 litre wash tank, which is fitted with a 6kW heater. Pumped at pressures up to 4.2 bar (60 psi), the heated aqueous cleaning solution is discharged under considerable pressure through close proximity ‘V’ spray jets directly at the components, these being contained in purpose built wire baskets with quick release tops. Positioned above, below and to the side, each pressurised jet is used exclusively for the cleaning process; no energy from the pump is expended to power the turntable, which is rotated independently by a separate geared motor.

This version of the Orbit rotary basket washer (an Orbit 800 is also available with an 820mm wide basket diameter) is also equipped with two vertical tool air knives to aid component drying. A cycle complete light indicates when the wash and dry process has been completed.

The operator's working environment is enhanced with the steam and water vapour being evacuated by condenser fan and the disc oil skimmer removes the worst of the floating oil contamination from the wash solution, to be deposited in a stainless steel container.

Cell Manufacture
These industrial spray wash machines are proving an ideal cost competitive solution for installation into cellular manufacturing units practising lean production techniques.

Free component trials
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