Leading Finishing equipment manufacturer, Guyson International Limited with its Spanish distributor, Materias Primas Abrasivas, S.L. (MPA), has recently supplied and installed a Guyson Euroblast 8 Airwash cabinet, into Metro Madrid's main maintenance workshop for removing dust particles and other contaminants from the braking systems of underground trains.

Photo: MPA service staff member installing cabinet into Metro Madrid’s Workshop

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The health and safety and wellbeing of Metro Madrid’s maintenance staff was the primary concern when selecting the Guyson air-wash system. The Euroblast 8 blow-off cabinet provides a sealed work chamber for safely air-washing braking systems utilising a hand-operated airwash gun. Removing dust, dirt and debris from underground train braking systems is a daily maintenance task for the Metro team so maintaining a clean and safe work environment without leaking dust, dirt, debris and noise into the work environment is essential.

The cabinet is fitted with two airwash guns, high pressure and low pressure, which can be easily selected by the operator depending on the type and/or volume of contaminant, high pressure for aggressive removal of caked-on dust or low pressure for lighter material.

In order to retain high-visibility during the brake cleaning process, a Guyson C400 cartridge Dust Collector is connected to the rear of the cabinet effectively removing the loosened dust and airborne particles into its collection bin, so they can be safely disposed of whilst maintaining a clean working environment.

Due to the numerous types of braking systems some of which are extremely heavy, the Madrid Metro maintenance team selected This Euroblast 8 blow-off system with the optional side loading turntable which enables large heavy items to be loaded directly onto the turntable via crane or forklift. The turntable is then easily pushed into the cabinet and can be rotated by hand during the cleaning process to provide all-round access.

Guyson’s range of Euroblast Air-wash cabinets incorporate the full Standard Euroblast range of cabinet sizes, delivering exceptional component access; with doors on the 6, 7 and 8 models opening to the front, top and side to facilitate easy loading of components. The range extends all the way up to a 2.5 metre square cabinet (pictured below), with capacities up to two-tons and a loading mechanism with the easy-to-wind side loading platform.

Guyson 2.5 metre square airwash cabinet

Guyson’s extensive range of Euroblast Air-wash Cabinets enables even the largest items to have the dust and dirt cleaned off inside a safe and uncontaminated working environment, without the need for cumbersome, uncomfortable and restrictive PPE.

If you would like to improve your operator health and safety whilst air washing components, please contact Guyson’s Customer Service Department now to arrange free trials on your components, prove the process and make recommendations on the most suitable airwash cabinet for you – call 01756 799911 or email info@guyson.co.uk

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