Guyson International, the UK’s foremost industrial finishing equipment manufacturer, has installed a Guyson Euroblast® 9SF (Suction Feed) blast cabinet, into the Kadampa Art Studio (KAS), for keying, prior to spray painting, a wide variety of rotationally moulded iconic figurines. The studio, which is located at the Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre at Ulverston, was created to design and create qualified Buddhist statues and other objects for modern Buddhist temples and centres around the world.

Photo caption: unblasted statue left, keyed surface right

Guyson Euroblast® 9SF blast cabinet – perfect for tall components

The chosen Euroblast 9SF blast cabinet is from Guyson’s premier industrial quality range and was selected to accommodate some of the tallest of the statues produced in the studio. The Euroblast 9 cabinet is equipped with a large front opening door, allowing easy access to the internal blast chamber which has dimensions of 1200 mm x 1200 mm x 1325 mm (W x D x H). An optional fixed position turntable was chosen to enable the mouldings to be rotated whilst blasting takes place, and as standard the cabinet is fitted with upper and lower armhole sleeves allowing the operator a choice of blasting positions with the Guyson model 900 blast gun. Heavy components are hoisted onto the turntable, inside the blast chamber, via the roof top slot.

Finished Budda statue

After rotational moulding the wide selection of Buddhist statues, Vajras, Stupas, Deer, Finials and Dharma Wheels etc. are all selectively hand sanded to remove moulding marks and any blemishes in the mouldings filled. They are then placed inside the Euroblast cabinet where blast finishing provides an overall keyed and uniform surface to all the items. This process considerably reduces the time previously required on overall hand sanding and also significantly improves surface adhesion and finish, prior to being spray painted or sized if being gilded in gold.

Dust from the blasting process is collected in the highly efficient Guyson Model C400 dust collector, which filters out and collects the dust laden air using a single cartridge filter. The heavier extracted particles being deflected downwards towards the collection bin, the lighter particles are retained on the surface of the filter.

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