Leading industrial finishing equipment manufacturer Guyson International has recently updated its blast cabinet decals and colour ways. Inspired by the modern industrial market places seeming preference for lighter coloured machine tools the new look incorporates visual symbolism reflecting the company’s long motor sports heritage by the adoption of sporting stripes on the machines.

Guyson is currently visually rebranding all it blast cabinets, including the light industrial Formula range, the Euroblast® premier quality industrial range and also its automated Multiblast® and robotically controlled range of grit blasting and shot peening machines.

The newly adopted colours are genuine RAL Classic system colours, so making colour matching across batches of machines and ancillary equipment, such as dust collectors and cyclone separators, whether spray painted or powder coated, more consistent. Customers can, of course, still have machines painted in their own ‘house’ colours as an optional extra.

Guyson’s, Blast & Wash Division’s, new Managing Director - Mark Viner says that “this visual rebranding of the blast cabinet ranges is a first step in repositioning of Guyson’s finishing equipment proposition and is only the start of a series of pre-planned strategic moves that aim to re-enforce Guyson’s place at the forefront of Europe’s industrial finishing markets and are part of a cohesive build up to Guyson celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2018.”

He goes on to state that “May, sees Guyson end our current financial year with a full factory floor of special machines with two large robotically controlled shot peening systems - going to Thailand and Ireland, a Multiblast RSB grit blasting machine - going to Sweden: all for the aerospace sector, and two in-line conveyorised blast machines destined for automotive component makers in Mexico and Slovakia. Whether it is a ‘standard’ manual blast cabinet, one of these very sophisticated robotic shot peening systems or one of our multistage ultrasonic precision cleaning systems, Guyson are acknowledged experts in manufacturing industrial finishing equipment."

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