Skipton North Yorkshire, October 23rd 2023- Guyson International, a leading manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment, and Inventec Performance Chemicals, a world-renowned provider of speciality chemicals and cleaning solutions, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership aimed at delivering cutting-edge precision cleaning solutions to a global customer base.

This collaboration is representative of a dynamic synergy between two industry leaders, combining Guyson’s extensive expertise in precision cleaning equipment with Inventec Performance Chemicals’ innovative cleaning chemicals and solutions. The partnership will provide UK customers with state-of-the-art cleaning processes and services that meet the most stringent industry requirements.

Inventec Performance Chemicals, a long-trusted name in the chemical industry, specialise in developing advanced cleaning solutions tailored to specific industrial needs. Their dedication to research and innovation has resulted in an extensive portfolio of high-performance cleaning chemicals and solvents designed to tackle challenging cleaning tasks with precision and in a sustainable manner.

Through combining their strengths, Guyson International and Inventec Performance Chemicals aim to revolutionise the precision cleaning landscape. With their new range of environmentally friendly chemicals and solvents, offering a comprehensive solution to customers seeking innovative and efficient cleaning processes. Enabling them to meet strict quality and regulatory requirements whilst reducing any environmental impact.

Both companies are excited about the opportunity to leverage their knowledge, capabilities, and resources to address the evolving needs of industries that demand pristine cleanliness, product quality, and sustainability. Together, Guyson International and Inventec Performance Chemicals will provide exceptional technical support and tailored solutions to customers, ensuring that they achieve the optimal cleaning results they demand.

“We are delighted to partner with Inventec Performance Chemicals who are truly setting the standard through their new sustainable solvents,” says Mr Mark Viner, Managing Director of Guyson International’s Blast and Wash Division. “Our shared commitment to innovation and excellence will enable us to offer our customers the very best in precision cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals”.

This partnership marks the beginning of a promising era in precision cleaning solutions. With Guyson International and Inventec Performance Chemicals poised to lead the industry with their combined expertise, technological capabilities, and commitment to excellence.

If you would like to enquire about any Guyson or Inventec products please call 01756 799911 or email today.

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